Little Bump in the Road

I had my first small set back this week after having several months of solid training. Part of the job description for my position is to help with game operations during the off season. Last Saturday was Homecoming, so I spent 10+ hours on my feet working multiple games outside in the cold. I was not able to eat regularly when I was working and by the end of the day I could tell I was dehydrated as well. I should have made sure to eat a good meal after work and should have started rehydrating, but I went to bed right after work. The next day I should have woke up early enough for breakfast before work, but I did not give myself enough time. I should have drunk water constantly throughout the day, but I decided to take a nap after work. I did about everything wrong last weekend and I paid for it on Monday.

I thought it might be a rough day when 135lb felt heavy on my back, and that thought was confirmed when I reached my last set of squat on Monday. The last set for the main lift in the program I am using, Windler’s 531, is an AMRAP (As Many Reps As Possible). I managed to squat 3 reps at 260lbs, however the same week last cycle I did 7 reps at 250lbs. Realistically I should have hit at least 5 reps this week, so I could tell the weekend had taken a toll. After I finished my workout I confirmed the damage I did last weekend when I stepped on the scale and realized that I had lost 3-4lbs since Friday.  I slowly gained strength back throughout the week, after making a conscious effort to rehydrate and gain the weight I lost back.

Overall, I can’t change or avoid being on my feet working for 10+hours, that’s part of my job, but I need to make sure I do everything I can to minimize the damage. Hopefully this is a lesson I won’t have to relearn. I have limited time to train, so I need to make sure that my body is prepared for every training session. With all that being said, I still completed my workouts even though my body was not in the best shape it could have been.  I have included a table of my training sessions from last week below.

Training October 1st-7th, 2017
Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
2:00-3:00pm Shot Put Practice 8:30-9:30am

Squat Workout



Bench Workout

Off Day Off Day 8:00-9:00am

Deadlift Workout


Discus Practice



Push Press


Off Day
Total Hours 6


I am looking forward to this upcoming week in the weight room. I should be fully recovered from last weekend, and my AMRAP sets are at milestone lifting numbers. My last sets this week are at 275lbs for Squat, 225lb for Bench, and 315lb for Deadlift, so I am excited to see how many reps I can do at these weights

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