Back on Track+Squat Workout+Javelin Clinic Review

Not great but getting better! This week my AMRAP sets were at milestone lifting numbers, (45lb, 25lb plates), so the number on the bar added a little excitement.  The chart below shows the number of reps I completed for each of my AMRAP Sets this week.

Squat 275lbs Bench 225lbs Deadlift 315lbs Push Press 170lbs
4 reps 5 reps 5 reps 4 Reps

Overall, I was pretty happy with how I did on the AMRAP sets, but I still have a long way to go.  The table below shows all my training sessions from last week.

Sunday Oct. 8 Monday

Oct. 9


Oct. 10


Oct. 11


Oct. 12


Oct. 13


Oct. 14

Shot Put Practice 9:00-10:00am


Squat Workout


Bench Workout 8:00-9:00am Day Off Day Off Deadlift Workout



Push Press



Day Off/Travel to PA Javelin Clinic
Total 5 Hours

Below is a sample of my squat workout from Sunday. The main lift is based off of Windlers 531 and then I try to choose full body exercises for my accessory work like Pendlay Rows.  An aspect to note is that I choose to Box Squat, because I think it is easier on my body and I don’t have to think about depth.

Squat Workout Sunday Oct. 8
Exercise Sets/Reps Weight
Foam Roll 3-5 minutes
Banded Terminal Knee Extensions (TKE) 2×15 Green Band
DB RDL 2×15 (Conv.)+(Sumo) 25lbs
Face Pulls 2×15 60lbs
  1×10 Bar
  1×10 135lbs
1×5 185lbs
1×5 215lbs
1×3 245lbs
1×1 or more 275lbs for 4reps
Clean Pulls
1×3 135lbs
2×3 165lbs
2×3 185lbs
1×3 205lbs
Barbell Pendlay Rows 4×8 155lbs
Machine Hamstring Curls 4×10 75lbs
Standing Plate Twists 3×10 45lbs
Foam Roll/Stretch 3-5min

On Saturday I attended the Project Javelin Gold camp/clinic sponsored by the National Scholastic Athletics Federation at East Stroudsburg University in Pennsylvania. I learned a lot at this camp simply by observing the highly qualified instructors coach athletes ranging from beginners to all-Americans. If anyone is ever interested in learning about the Javelin; I highly recommend this camp/clinic.


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