No Time to Throw

When setting up this experiment I put a limitation on training instead of stating an exact amount of time, because I knew some weeks I wouldn’t have time to train. This week was very busy with 7 games, homework assignments, and other work related duties; I simply did not have time to make it out it the field to throw this week. However, I still made it to the gym to lift this week.

The main focus of training right now is to get stronger in the weight room. However, I still want to ensure that my shot put technique does not become too rusty. In the future, on weeks where I have little time to train, I am planning to bring my throwing shoes to the gym to do some drills with a medicine ball.

This week was a de-load week in the weight room, so overall this week was fairly uneventful when it comes to training.  Next week I start a new cycle of Windlers 531; so I will be back to lifting heavy.

Sunday Oct. 15 Monday

Oct. 16


Oct. 17


Oct. 18


Oct. 19


Oct. 20


Oct. 21

Squat Workout 8:00-9:00pm Bench Workout


Deadlift Workout


Push Press



Total 4 hours


Last week marked the end of fall sports, so I won’t have to work any games the next couple weeks, which is great because Monday marks the first day of practice for the Track and Field Team.  It has been a long wait, but I am really excited to start coaching!


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