Great Week!

This week has been a very good week. I was able to max out my training limitations, the Track and Field season finally started, and for late October the weather has been great. The table below shows my training schedule from this week.

Sunday 10/22 Monday 10/23 Tuesday 10/24 Wednesday 10/25 Thursday 10/26 Friday 10/27 Saturday 10/28
Shot Put Workout 9:00-10:00am Squat Workout 9:00-10:00pm Bench Workout 9:00-10:00pm Deadlift Workout 9:00-10:00pm Push press Workout 9:00-10:00pm Shot Put Workout 1:00-2:00pm
1 hour 1 hour 1 hour 1 hour 1 hour 1 hour
Total Hours 6 hours

I was able to get two shot put practices in this week which allowed me to be a little more consistent in the second practice. Saturday’s practice I dug a ditch at 48ft with 8 of my 10 throws being within inches. This is a ways off my goal of 57ft this year, but I expected to be well under that goal. I took several months completely off after my season last year and when I started back I threw 1-2 times a week. When the weather gets colder in a few weeks, I plan to stop throwing and start doing 3-4 30 minute drill sessions. This should tighten up my technique for when I start throwing again in the spring.

This week I started a new cycle of Windler’s 531, so I was a little sore by the end of the week after the de-load week.  I think I need to go a little harder on my de-load week, because week 1 of a new cycle I have been getting really sore.  Below are my AMRAP sets for my lifts this week.

Exercise Squat Bench Deadlift Push Press
Weight 255 210 290 155
Reps 5 8 10 5

Track and Field practices started and went great this week.  My athletes showed up to the first day of practice in great shape and really impressed me. I have already seen some progress and look forward to seeing more breakthroughs. I really enjoyed coaching this week!

Next week should be more of the same, so I should be able to get on a consistent training schedule. This consistency should hopefully lead to higher quality training sessions. Overall, this week was great and I am looking forward to next week!

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