Need for Structure+Deadlift Workout

I wasn’t able to max out the 6 hour limitation on training this week, but I still had a good week of training. This week was very busy with practices, other work related duties, and school. Due to lack of time I cut some of the accessory work out of my program this week, but I still went to the weight room 4 times this week and completed my main lift.

Training Week of 10/29
Sunday 10/29 Monday 10/30 Tuesday 10/31 Wednesday 11/1 Thursday 11/2 Friday 11/3 Saturday 11/4
Squat Workout 9:00-10:00pm Bench Workout 9:00-10:00pm Deadlift Workout 9:00-10:00pm Shot Put Workout 2:15-3:15pm        Push Press Workout 3:30-4:00pm
1 hour 1 hour 1 hour 1.5 hour
Total Hours 4.5 Hours


The main lifts went well this week, but the weights are starting to feel heavy.  I am lifting fewer reps on my AMRAP top set.  I will need to max soon and reset the program. The table below shows my AMRAP sets this week.

Exercise Squat Bench Deadlift Push Press
Weight 270 220 305 160
Reps 3 5 8 3


Deadlifts have been going particularly well, and may have to do with the exercise. I don’t have to think as much to deadlift, which is great after a long day at work. I just step up to the bar and pick it up.  Also, I think the risks associated with missing a rep is less for deadlift, which allows me to be more aggressive on my AMRAP sets. Below is my workout from Thursday.

Deadlift Workout Nov. 2
Exercise Sets/Reps Weight
Foam Roll 3-5 min
Banded TKE 2×15 each leg Green Band
DB RDL 2×15 25lbs
Face Pulls 2×15 60lbs
1×10 135lbs
1×10 185lbs
1×5 225lbs
1×3 240lbs
1×3 270lbs
1×3 or more 305lbs 8Reps
BB Shrugs 4×10 225lbs
KB Swings 4×10 50lbs
Seated Cable Row 4×10 135lbs
DB Oblique’s 3×10 40lbs


Saturday’s throwing session I thought went well until I decided to measure throws at the end of the practice. My technique felt smoother and more athletic than last week, but it didn’t translate into distance.  This doesn’t have me too concerned, but it does have me evaluating what changes I need to make to get more out of the time I have allotted to throw.  One aspect I need to add is structure, because right now I have just been going out and throwing. This is supposed to be an experiment, so I need to start programing throws training as well.

I am looking forward to this upcoming week.  This week is the heaviest week in the Windlers 531 training cycle, so look forward to testing myself. I also look forward to thinking through how I want to add some structure into training in regard to throwing.


Not Great But Getting Better

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