Starting to get Heavy

The bar started to feel heavy this week and cycle, but I was still pleased with the number of reps I did on my top sets. Squat and Deadlift in particular I felt went really well, and I am definitely feeling stronger. My top sets are below:

Exercise Squat Bench Deadlift Push Press
Weight 285 235 325 175
Reps 3 3 5 1


One aspect to note is the single rep for push press; this is because I have decided to back off push press.  I am not satisfied with my technique and I have felt some things in my back the last several push press workouts as a result.  The plan going forward is to drop weight and increase the reps for push press and focus on my technique. I am also going to add some accessory work to address some weaknesses that I think are leading to issues with my push press technique.  I currently have some abdominal work in my program, but I think I need to add more to support my core better in the push press. Now that I am not throwing as much I think I need to add more abdominal work in order to maintain and increase core strength.

I was able to get quite a bit of training in this week, but I did not max out my training allotment. This is how training looked this week.

Training Week of 11/5
Sunday 11/5 Monday 11/6 Tuesday 11/7 Wednesday 11/8 Thursday 11/9 Friday 11/10 Saturday 11/12
Shot Put Practice 2:00-3:00pm Squat Workout 9:00-10:00pm Bench Workout 9:00-10:00pm Deadlift Workout 9:00-10:00pm Push Press Workout 4:30-5:30pm     Shot Put Drill Session 5:30-6:00pm
1 hour 1 hour 1 hour 1.5 hour
Total Hours 5.5 Hours


I added a drill session to my program this week and I think it was very cost effective.  I believe I made improvements in technique in only 30 minutes, so next week I am planning on doing1 throwing sessions and 2 drill session.  With the time change it is getting dark very early and the weather is also getting colder, so drill sessions will likely be my only option very soon.

Overall, life has been busy but going well; I am really enjoying coaching and seeing athletes make progress, my training has been going well, and I am doing well in my master’s program.  Next week looks like it will be busy with several big assignments due, but it should be the last busy week for the semester. Looking forward to Thanksgiving Break!

Not great but getting better

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