Plan to Wrap-up the Year

This week has been pretty rough. I was only able to get to the gym twice this week and was not able to work on throwing at all. This week was a de-load week, so not getting to gym 4 times this week is not a big deal. However, I am expecting to feel sorer than usual next week due to the extended time off.  Work and school just got the better of me this week. Next week should be better with a short work week and some free time to finish up a lot of school work.

Next week will start my plan to wrap up the end of the year. I am going to max-out on squat, bench, deadlift, and power clean in 4 weeks. This will be 20 weeks since my last max-out, so I am excited to see where I am.

Lift End of July 2017 Goal for week of Dec. 11 Actual Dec. 11 Lifts
Squat 315lbs 345lbs
Bench 255lbs 275lbs
Deadlift 365lbs 405lbs
Power Clean Personal Best 258lbs 260lbs

Also, I am going to reward myself for the work I put in this fall by going to compete on December 9th.  My expectations for this meet will be fairly low due to the lack of practice at this point in the year, but I want to compete to add motivation to finish the year strong.

Below is an overview of the plan for the rest of the year.

Date Activity
Week of Nov. 20 Week 1: Windler’s 531
Week of Nov. 27 Week 2: Windler’s 531
Week of Dec. 4 5×1@75%
Dec. 9 Competition Day
Week of Dec. 11 Max-Out Week

Overall, I am looking forward to getting back on track next week and starting this final push towards the end of the year.

Not great but getting better

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