Week of January 1, 2018

New Plan

The New Year kicked off a training block that will take me all the way to the end of May. After the results I saw last training block, I am going to continue using Windlers 5,3,1 as the basis for my program. However, I have made a couple of modifications. First, I am swapping out overhead press for incline, because I am not comfortable with my technique on overhead press and I think doing incline will increase my bench more than overhead press.  I have set a goal of increasing my bench 30lbs, in the next 20 weeks, so increasing my bench is a point of emphasis this training block.

Another modification I am making to the training program is that I am standardizing my warm up sets for the main lifts in order to have some consistency and add some volume. My new standardized warm-up: 10xbar, 10x, 8x, 6x, working sets.

The last modification is that I am going to program my accessory exercises for each 4 week cycle. I will choose roughly 4 accessory exercises each day and use the same 4 exercises for a 4 week cycle, before mixing it up. I will change the rep schemes for each of the exercises throughout the cycle.

First Training Week

This week of training went well, and I was able to handle the prescribed percentages based off my new maxes I set in December. My new maxes from December and my AMRAP sets from this week are in the tables below.

Max’s from December
Squat Bench Deadlift Incline
345lbs 285lbs 385lbs 185lbs



AMRAP Sets Week of January 1
Exercise Squat Bench Deadlift Incline
Weight 250 205 295 160
Reps 8 10 8 5


My focus for the next couple months will be shifting away from throwing and more to the weight room.  There is too much snow on the ground to throw and my next meet is not until May, so throwing is not my main focus right now.  One can see this change in emphasis in the table below.

Training Week of 01/1
Sunday 12/31 Monday 01/1 Tuesday 01/2 Wednesday 01/3 Thursday 01/4 Friday 01/5 Saturday 01/6
  Squat/ Power Clean Workout Bench Workout Conditioning Workout Deadlift/ Snatch Workout Incline Workout  
  1.5 Hours 1 Hour .5 Hour 1.5 Hour 1 Hour  
Total Hours 5.5 Hours          


Overall, I am excited about this new direction and how my lifts felt this week, even though I was pretty sore most of the week. Should be a little less sore next week after a week of training under my belt, so I am looking forward to seeing what I can do next week especially with the lifts later in the week.

Not Great but Getting Better

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