Week of January 7, 2018

I had another good week of training this week despite having to lift three straight days later in the week. My work schedule was very busy early in the week so I had to adjust my lifting schedule, and I dropped my conditioning session this week. The training week looked like:

Training Week of January 7, 2018
Sunday 12/31 Monday 01/1 Tuesday 01/2 Wednesday 01/3 Thursday 01/4 Friday 01/5 Saturday 01/6
Squat/ Power Clean Workout     Bench Workout Deadlift/ Snatch Workout Incline Workout  
1.5 Hours     1 Hour 1.5 Hours 1 Hour  
Total Hours 5 Hours          


My top set (last and heaviest set) every week is an AMRAP (as many reps as possible/without failing). This week’s AMRAPs I thought went really well and have consistently been getting better. I continue to improve moving more weight for more reps.  This week I squatted the same number of reps as I did last week with 250lbs, and deadlifted 15lbs more for an extra 3 reps this week. Below are my AMRAP sets for this week.

AMRAP Sets Week of January 1
Exercise Squat Bench Deadlift Incline
Weight 265 215 310 170
Reps 8 9 11 3


Overall, my workouts have been going well and I am feeling stronger. Looking at schedules for the weeks to come it will be difficult to stay on a good routine, but I will find time to get all my workouts in and stay consistent. Consistency is the most important part of getting better, and it will be the only way I will be able to reach my goals.

Not Great but Getting Better

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