Week of January 14+21, 2018


Weeks 3 and 4 of training went well. I was able to complete all my lifting sessions during this time, and was even able to throw discus on Friday of week 4. My training for the past two weeks breaks down like this.

Training Week of January 14, 2018
Sunday 01/14 Monday 01/15 Tuesday 01/16 Wednesday 01/17 Thursday 01/18 Friday 01/19 Saturday 01/20
Squat/ Power Clean Workout   Bench Workout   Deadlift/ Snatch Workout Incline Workout  
1.5 Hours   1 Hour   1.5 Hours 1 Hour  
Total Hours 5 Hours          


Training Week of January 21, 2018/ Deload
Sunday 01/21 Monday 01/22 Tuesday 01/23 Wednesday 01/24 Thursday 01/25 Friday 01/26 Saturday 01/27
Squat/ Power Clean Workout   Bench Workout     Incline/Deadlift/Snatch Workout

Discus Practice

1 Hours   1 Hour     2 Hour  
Total Hours 4 Hours          


My AMRAP sets went really well during week 3, and they are as follows.

AMRAP Sets Week of January 14
Exercise Squat Bench Deadlift Incline
Weight 280 230 330 180
Reps 5 7 9 1


Overall training has been going well even with a crazy work schedule at the moment. I have been able to plan well enough to minimize the damage of long work days and be ready to train when I have time. One of the reasons I like the AMRAP sets in this program is that they add motivation and excitement to each workout. When I am tired after work thinking about the number I did last week or last cycle brings out the competitiveness in me and raises my energy levels for the workouts.

Other aspects of life have also been going well. I am really enjoying coaching my athletes who have been showing improvement across the board with school records, personal bests, and technical break-throughs. I also have found a church that I like and plan to keep attending on a regular basis. These aspects might not seem training related, but my athletes performing well decreases my stress and attending church regularly helps me keep things in perspective all of which will improve my performance in practice and meets.

I am looking forward to starting an new cycle of Windlers 531 and potentially getting a chance to throw again this week with warmer temperatures in the forecast.

Not Great but Getting Better


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