Week of January 28, 2018


I had another good week of training this week with the start of a new Windler’s 531 cycle. Training this week broke down like this:

Training Week of January 28, 2018/Week 1 of Windler’s Cycle
Sunday 01/28 Monday 01/29 Tuesday 01/30 Wednesday 01/31 Thursday 02/01 Friday 02/02 Saturday 02/03
Squat/ Power Clean Workout     Shot Put Practice   Bench Workout   Deadlift/ Snatch Workout Incline Workout  
2 Hours   1 Hour   1 hours 1 Hour  
Total Hours 5 Hours          


I am really happy with how my AMRAP sets have been going continuing to add weight and reps each cycle. Below are my sets from this week.

AMRAP Sets Week of January 28
Exercise Squat Bench Deadlift Incline
Weight 260 215 300 155
Reps 9 9 11 9


I was pleasantly surprised with the state of my shot put technique after taking over a month off of throwing shot.  I am basically picking up where I left off, which is good because I am planning on competing February 25th at the Boston University Last Chance Qualifier. I am going to be going into this meet with limited time in the ring, but I am encouraged by practice on Sunday and by how I have been feeling in the weight room. The week leading up to the meet happens to be a deload week based on my plan, which is great because I can train through the meet while still being fresh and ready to compete. Overall, I am excited about how training has been going, and I am looking forward to competing in a couple weeks.

Not Great but Getting Better

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