Training Week of February 4, 2018


            I had another solid week of training this week, but I am starting to feel a little beat-up. I had to spend some time after workouts this week doing some rolling and mobility work, and by the end of the week my body was feeling better. My elbows were the biggest issue this week and I think this was due to the addition and accumulation of fatigue of Incline benching the past 6 weeks. After rolling my triceps and forearms out with a barbell I began feeling much better.

This week I was able to get a drill session in as well as get outside and throw some discus. My main focus is the shot put, but I still enjoy throwing discus and I am a firm believer that all the throwing events have some carry over to the others. My week of training broke down like this:

Training Week of February 4, 2018/Week 2 of Windler’s Cycle
Sunday 02/04 Monday 02/05 Tuesday 02/06 Wednesday 02/07 Thursday 02/08 Friday 02/09 Saturday 02/10
Squat/ Power Clean Workout     Shot Put Drill Session   Bench Workout, Discus Practice   Deadlift/ Snatch Workout Incline Workout  
1.5 hours   2 Hours   1 Hour 1 Hour  
Total Hours 5.5 Hours          


I am continuing to see progress in the weight room. A couple of highlights include squatting 275lb for 10 reps, which is definitely a personal best, and deadlifting 320lb for 10 reps. According to the, a rep max calculator, I should be able to squat 367lbs and deadlift 427lbs for 1 rep. This is right where I need to be with 14 more weeks left before I max again. Below are my AMRAP sets from this week.

AMRAP Sets Week of February 4, 2018
Exercise Squat Bench Deadlift Incline
Weight 275 225 320 160
Reps 10 7 10 10

Overall, I had another good week of training and I am excited about the progress I am seeing. Watching the meet this weekend and seeing some athletes go after some throws has me itching to get back in the ring. I am looking forward to my meet in two weeks, and hopefully the weather will cooperate allowing me to throw outside some before the meet.


Not Great but Getting Better

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