Weeks of February 18th and 25th


The week of February 18th was a much needed de-load in the weight room. I was able to get my body feeling better and my elbow pain went away. I also threw several times in preparation for my meet on February 25th.

The meet went well and it felt good to step in the ring again.  My goal for this meet was 16m which, after my first throw of 15.47m, I thought was achievable.  However, when I tried to bring up the intensity for my next 5 throws my technique broke down, and the rest of my throws were from 15.22-15.45m. My technique breaking down was somewhat expected, because I have only thrown 5-6 times since the New Year.  However, one takeaway I have from this track meet is that I am in good shape based off my consistency, over 15m, with major and varying technical issues. I will practice more throughout the outdoor season and should have my technique ready for my next meet, which may be April 7th.

My training leading up to the meet was as follows:


Training Week of February 18, 2018/Week 4 of Windler’s Cycle-Deload
Sunday 02/18 Monday 02/19 Tuesday 02/20 Wednesday 02/21 Thursday 02/22 Friday 02/23 Saturday 02/24
Squat/ Power Clean Workout Shot Put Sessions Bench Workout Deadlift/ Snatch Workout Incline Workout                 Shot Put Drill Session
1 hours .75 Hours 1 Hours 1 Hour 1.5 Hours
Total Hours 5.25 Hours


Training Week of February 25, 2018/Week 1 of Windler’s Cycle
Sunday 02/25 Monday 02/26 Tuesday 02/27 Wednesday 02/28 Thursday 03/01 Friday 03/02 Saturday 03/03
Meet@BU         Squat/ Power Clean Workout Bench Workout Deadlift/ Snatch Workout Incline Workout Squat/ Power Clean/ Bench
2 hours 1 Hour 1 Hour 1 Hour 1.5 Hours
Total Hours 6.5 Hours


I went over on my time allotment the week of February 25th due to the meet on Sunday and going out of town March 4-8th, so I squatted and benched before I left. Training went well this week, and I am excited to start moving some heavier weight this cycle and next as my training maxes, which I use to calculate weight for my workouts, approach my maxes from my previous max-out.

AMRAP Sets Week of February 11, 2018
Exercise Squat Bench Deadlift Incline
Weight 270 220 310 155
Reps 9 10 12 8


Overall, the past couple weeks of training and competing has let me know the plan is working. I feel strong and I am starting to move some decent weight. I am excited to see what outdoor holds, when I begin to throw more and on a more consistent basis.


Not Great but Getting Better

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