Revising The Throwing Experiment


A little over a year ago, I made the decision to train post-collegiatley.  Realistically I knew I would never make an Olympic team, but I felt like I hadn’t thrown my farthest throw.  I decided to set a lofty long term goal, create a structure or procedure to achieve the goal, and journal and track progress.

The goal I set was to throw 19 meters before the 2020 US Indoor Championships, which would likely qualify me for the meet.  My all-time best mark in college was 16.59 meters, so I would need to improve 2.5 meters in 2.5 years. A little over a year into this experiment I am on pace to reach my goal having thrown 17.43 meters this year.

The structure I created to keep myself in check, and not take away from my responsibilities a college throws coach involved limiting myself to 6 hours of training a week August-April, and 10 hours of training a week May-July.

I never really had issues with these restrictions. However, I want to change the unit of measure from time to number of training sessions. Just to clarify, a training session could be a lifting session, throwing session, drill session, or conditioning session.

The main reason behind this change is that I felt rushed and would cut workouts short to stay under the time cap. This year I want take a little more time and experiment, try new things, and ultimately learn more about throwing which is a secondary goal of this experiment.

Therefore, I am going to limit myself to 7 training sessions a week September-April and 10 training sessions a week May-August.

Training Allotment
September-April May-August
7 Training Sessions/Week 10 Training Sessions/Week
Training Session=Lifting Sessions or Throwing Session or Drill Session or Conditioning Session

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