2018 The Set-up Year

When evaluating my 2018, one thing comes to mind.  I had stability.  I was past the acclimation phase of moving to a new place and starting my career at a new school. I knew what my responsibilities were, and uncertainty was low.   This created an atmosphere where I was able to take advantage of opportunities, gain new experience, and learn throughout the year.

            I had many opportunities to gain experience and expand into new areas.  I completed an internship, for my master’s degree in communication, which focused on alumni relations, branding, marketing, and fundraising.  I also was given the opportunity to work with our distance group in the weight room, since I obtained my CSCS in January. 

            Stability is one thing that I will not have the luxury of in 2019.  My contract for my GA position runs out in May, so I will be looking for a full-time coaching job this summer.  The uncertainty that surrounds this situation can cause a lot of stress, so it is going to be important for me to keep everything in perspective this year.

            For all of these reasons, I am going to call 2018 the set-up year.  I accomplished a lot of things this year that will hopefully set me up for my future not just professionally, but for this experiment as well.

            I was able to make progress toward my goal of throwing 19.00m in the shot.  I threw 17.43m in August and had my second highest average during a season.  I also made progress towards my greatest limiting factor, strength.  I was able to stay consistent with my workouts in the weight room and I feel like I have put in a good foundation heading into 2019.  This brings me to my goals for 2019…

2019 Athletic Goals

Shot Put–18.29m (60’)

Discus—53.34m (175’)

  2018 Bests (lbs) 2019 Goal (lbs)
Squat 365 455
Bench 315 365
Deadlift 425 495
Power Clean 275 315
Snatch 175 225

            I would consider these goals to be lofty, but I would have said the same thing about my goal of throwing 17.00m last year.  My goals in the weight room I think are achievable, but will take a consistent effort and focus all year.  I am also working on a new program to increase frequency and volume that I think my previous programs lacked.  I will talk more about this in later posts.

            This year has been very good, and I feel like I set myself up well professionally and athletically to have a great 2019, so I look forward to the challenges and opportunities 2019 presents.


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