TL 2019 WK-1

Training went well this week.  The whether cooperated and I was able to throw outside several days outside this week.  This week I worked on getting my entry consistent and getting my hips under me for the finish. 

            The meet at the University of Southern Maine went well this weekend, but I feel like I left a lot on the table. This feeling is a good sign. My floor has risen to the point that my 16.12 meter throw was not a great throw and had a lot more potential. So what went wrong this weekend?

            The main technical issue I ran into at the meet this weekend was keeping my head up through the middle.  During the competition I was not able to keep my head up, hip under, and feel the shot put weight the hand.  These concepts will be a point of emphasis for me in training this week.

            I backed off in the weight room this week, because I was feeling a little under the weather and I want to be feeling good for the meet on Saturday.  I had originally had a little bit of peak set-up for this week and next, so I could compete well and gauge where I am at. Next week will be very similar as I prepare for the Dartmouth Relays on Sunday.

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