TL 2019 WK-2

Training was pretty much non-existent this week and it showed at the meet at Dartmouth Relays on Sunday. After feeling like 16.12m was a bad throw last week, I was thankful I was able to put together a 15.82m throw to salvage my meet at Dartmouth. My technique was out of rhythm, and I was way off of what I was throwing the previous week until my 5th round.

            The only day I was able to throw was Sunday, and that session was relatively light. I had a scheduled max-out this week and was able to hit 350lbs on squat and 315lbs on bench which are both good numbers for me.  I did not have time to complete a lot of accessory exercises after the max-outs or speed day, so my volume dropped considerably this week. I think this contributed to my timing being off, I was too fresh.  If I could do it again, I would probably increase the volume in the weight room to make up for the lack of throwing volume.

            Overall this week has been a learning experience, and has forced me to think about what I need to be successful.  I have several months until I have another stretch of competitions, so I am about to start a very heavy training program that is mainly focused on the weight room. I will explain more about this in a post in The Throwing Experiment later this week.


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