TL 2019 WK-3

            This week of training went really well. I started a new training program that includes lifting 6 days per week.  I will talk more about the specifics of this lifting plan in a post in The Throwing Experiment section on Wednesday.  

            I am taking a few weeks off of throwing to reset and start thinking about outdoors, so I only lifted this week. The timing of this break works well, because it allows me a couple weeks to get used to my new lifting schedule, before I add back in the fatigue of throwing.

            A couple highlights from this week include a 5 rep max at 280lbs on Safety Squat Bar Box Squats, and 5 rep max at 255lbs on bench  with a total of 4 sets over 225lbs.  Overall, I felt like I went pretty conservative the first week, and I look forward to pushing myself more in the coming weeks.

            I have included a screenshot of my main lifts this week below.  One aspect to note is that I did complete 1-2 accessory movements after each main movement I just didn’t do a good job recording these movements.  I plan to keep better track of accessories in the future.


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