TL 2019 Wk-5

            This week I worked up to a 1 rep max on squat, bench, and snatch. My plan also called for a 1 rep max on power clean on Friday, but I decided to take the day off because I strained my pec during the bench max-out. I got greedy after 315lbs moved better than I thought and decided to attempt 325lbs twice. The first time I hit a sticking point about half way up. The second time was a mistake, and I felt my pec being strained all the way down.  Next week is a de-load week so hopefully this will give it some time to heal.  

            The plan was to start doing drills this week, but due to lack of time this got pushed to next week.  It will be over three weeks since I have done anything throwing related, so it will be interesting to see how rusty I am. I will have 2 weeks to prepare for my next meet.

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