TL 2019 WK-6

            This week I was still feeling the effects of last week’s 325lb bench press attempt, so I decided to back way off in the weight room.  This week was a regularly scheduled de-load week, but I took out some of the volume and lifts. I decided to not do the Olympic lifts this week, because I feared the stress on my pec from catching the weight.  I only lifted two days this week, because I decided to combine my bench and squat days.  I wanted to take a break from being in the weight room, and then come back motivated and strong for the next training block.

            I started throwing this week in preparation for my meets on February 17th and 24th.  I threw on Sunday for the first time in 3 weeks and I was pleasantly surprised. I took about 15 throws between 47ft and 50ft with the 16lb shot, and started to find a groove near the end of the session. Then on Friday I came back and threw 10 throws between 46ft and 49ft with the 18lb shot.  This practice started out rough, but I was able to get in a good rhythm my last couple throws.

            Overall, I was able to take a much need break from the weight room after completing three 6day/week heavy training weeks.  The volume being lower in the weight room allowed me to start adding in throwing volume without feeling to beat up.


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