Indoor Season Recap

            The 2018-2019 indoor season went well, but did not go according to plan. The main focus of my indoor plan was to compete as many times as I could around winter break, because winter break would be the only time during the indoor season I would be able to throw on a regular basis. I competed in three meets around winter break, but only managed to throw 16.28 meters, which was much lower than I wanted.  My progression was also on a downward trend throwing 16.28m, 16.12m, 15.82m in the first three meets.

            After some evaluation, I came to the conclusion that I backed off the weight room too much for my last two meets.  I believe I designed the peak correctly, but due to life I was not able to throw as much as I planned which I believe through off the peak.  I was not primed for the meet, because I did not throw enough to make up for the decreased volume in the weight room.

            Having come to this realization, I decided to reemphasize the weight room with a program that would have me in the weight room six days a week.  I ran this six day a week program for eight weeks, and made noticeable strength gains with the added frequency.  

            After implementing this strength plan and seeing some gains I decided to compete in a couple meets at the end of the season to see where I was at for the upcoming outdoor season. I only threw a handful of times during the months leading up to these meets, and was not expecting to throw well.

            The first meet I competed in I managed to throw an indoor personal best 16.67 meters and I followed this up with a 16.51 meter throw in my final meet of indoors. This was a pleasant surprise, but also a learning experience. I respond well to heavy training in the weight room leading into competitions.

            The 2018-2019 indoor season was my best season throwing the shot put. I threw two of my farthest shot put throws ever, and had my highest average of 16.28 meters over the 5 meets. My average for the 2018 outdoor season was 15.95 meters, and that included my personal best throw of 17.43 meters.  This indicates to me that my floor has risen due to the weight training, and that I am in a good spot heading into the summer when I will have more time to train.


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